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In the fall of 2018, I was a part of a sponsored collaboration between SCAD and GE Transportation for a SCADPro project concerning data visualization. The class consisted of 13 designers across 6 different majors, and two professors (Professor Joe DiGioia and Professor Josephine Leong). Of these 13, I was the only User Experience designer.


Given the fact that GE Transportation has 10+ years worth of GPS data recorded by their locomotives, how do you visualize massive amounts of data in a way that is meaningful and allows their internal team to gain new insights?


At the end of the 10 week class, my team and I presented 9 prototypes of varying ideas and functionalities to GE Transportation representatives. Each prototype was unique and allowed the GE Transportation team to gain unique and helpful insights.

My Role

My personal impact on this project included the design, implementation, and presentation of one of the 9 final prototypes while receiving input from the rest of the team. I also worked on research (primary interviews and secondary methods), stakeholder mapping, graphics, and icon and illustration design.

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