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Swear Jar

A project about quantified self

This project was developed for the class IACT 373, Information Architecture  under professor Eunki Chung. Our assignment was to create a poster as a result of week-long research regarding some aspect of ourselves. I had a few ideas, but I decided to quantify my foul language during the given one week research period.


As previously mentioned, we were given roughly one week to conduct research about our own behaviors. In order to conduct mine, I carried around a small notebook in my pocket and made a tally every time I said one of my pre-selected swear words. 


My tally criteria included: a word was spoken aloud, either in class or outside of class, or a word was written(texted), either as a general social media post where potentially anyone could read it or a direct message to a specific recipient.


Final Design

Quantified Self-01.png

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this project I learned quite a few things about my habits surrounding foul language. Coming in, I thought that I had a pretty even spread of swearing with whomever I interacted with, but I was mistaken (thankfully).

As it turns out, I did not swear in class once during that week, and most of my language was tallied as a result of direct messaging or texting. More specifically, my best friend is my biggest instigator. Even if I went all day with no swearing, as soon as I got home and spent time with her my numbers would skyrocket. I am now very conscious of when I use unsavory language, and most of it still only occurs around my best friend.

It was very interesting to be able to learn quite a bit about myself through this project, and it makes me sincerely want to conduct another project like this in the future.

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